List, Apparatus/Dispositif, Conjuncture: Detournement

DetournementThe question that arises is: to what extent does ‘the list’ displace or replace ‘the apparatus’?
(See Listing, Cataloguing, CollectingTheory of Everything, List, List, O’List; and Apparatus, Dispositif, Material-Discursive Practice)

[Sub-text: such that a field of inquiry becomes ‘academic’]

A related question is: what are the criteria of relevance for inclusion in ‘the list’?

[Sub-text: given that it may harbour an ‘academic’ ‘methodology’]

The issues at stake concern ‘contextualisation’, as an active process, a bringing-together of phenomena, environments and atmospheres in a field of active inter-relation, and indeed generation, and the creation of what can be described as ‘conjunctures’, moments, as fields of events, that are always plural, always differential and may relate through linear or non-linear progression or aleatory succession.

How does ‘apparatus’ relate to ‘conjuncture’, as process of contextualisation?

What is the provenance of ‘conjuncture’? [For example, is it: “The central concept of the Marxist science of politics (cf. Lenin’s ‘current moment’); it denotes the exact balance of forces, state of overdetermination of the contradictions at any given moment to which political tactics must be applied” (Brewster, 1969)?]

Furthermore, how may such processes of contextualisation, whether apparatic or conjunctural, become subject to detournement or diversion (Internationale Situationniste, 1959); or simply change?


Brewster, B. (1969). Althusser Glossary 1969. Marxists Internet Archive. Available at: [Accessed August 26, 2014].

Internationale Situationniste, (1959). Détournement as negation and prelude [Internationale Situationniste #3]. Situationist International Text Library. Available at: [Accessed August 26, 2014].


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